“Who am I?” This is a question several of us if not everyone asks themselves at some moment in time. For me I know who I am. It is the simplist answer I can give.

“I am me.”

I am not you or them. I am who I am. I have created myself through the experiences and decisions I have made. Now that I have answered in the simplist of ways the question of who I am I can get a little more detailed.

I am a young human trying to make my mark on the world. I am an aspiring photographer with a passion for capturing the world through my very own lenses (did you catch the word play there?).

My humor is uniquely mine and I am willing to share. My laugh is as contagious as a baby’s and as random as can be. I will burst into fits of laughter for no other reason than I can and it makes me feel great. I love to smile and infect others with it.

I will be strong and rooted in my beliefs. This does not mean I will not listen to yours if they differ from mine. As rooted as I am we all grow and evolve with each rotation of our beautiful planet and I know there is always a new journey waiting ahead.


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