“Humans of … ” Documentary Video Layout

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Digital Media 2

I am to the point where my documentary on the “Humans of New York & India” is starting to come together. With music and videos picked out and interview questions answered I have worked out how my documentary will hopefully come out in a quick layout. It details where the videos will be and how my topic will be approached upon. To add to the update I added my layout thoughts below.

Humans of ….. Video Layout

Lyric free music – will know better what is needed as it comes together
“Humans of New York” song written about Brandon Stanton’s project


[Video “Welcome to Salina”]

Introduction to topic of everyone has a story
(Connection to New York and India)


Introduce topic – using the internet to tell the stories of everyday people
Lead into Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York”

[Video of Brandon Stanton behind the scenes]

Feature him speaking about what he does
Lead into “Humans of India” and Megha Majumder

[Images and Captions “Humans of India”]

Talk about questions asked and feature quotes from answers as reading
{?Lead into Capstone Book Project?}
Stories do not just exist in large cities

[Video “Around Salina”]

{?Images and Captions from “Humans of Salina”?}
Lead into Conclusion


Talk about ending thoughts and Conclusion
[Video “Leaving Salina”]
Fade to Credits

“Humans of New York” Song louder
“Humans of New York, India, Salina” images and captions
Voice overs?]


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