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I am to the point where my documentary on the “Humans of New York & India” is starting to come together. With music and videos picked out and interview questions answered I have worked out how my documentary will hopefully come out in a quick layout. It details where the videos will be and how my topic will be approached upon. To add to the update I added my layout thoughts below.

Humans of ….. Video Layout

Lyric free music – will know better what is needed as it comes together
“Humans of New York” song written about Brandon Stanton’s project


[Video “Welcome to Salina”]

Introduction to topic of everyone has a story
(Connection to New York and India)


Introduce topic – using the internet to tell the stories of everyday people
Lead into Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York”

[Video of Brandon Stanton behind the scenes]

Feature him speaking about what he does
Lead into “Humans of India” and Megha Majumder

[Images and Captions “Humans of India”]

Talk about questions asked and feature quotes from answers as reading
{?Lead into Capstone Book Project?}
Stories do not just exist in large cities

[Video “Around Salina”]

{?Images and Captions from “Humans of Salina”?}
Lead into Conclusion


Talk about ending thoughts and Conclusion
[Video “Leaving Salina”]
Fade to Credits

“Humans of New York” Song louder
“Humans of New York, India, Salina” images and captions
Voice overs?]


I have been working on a book on top of the documentary I have been posting about. The book is part of my Capstone project for school, but it very closely ties into my documentary. The work completed for my documentary has been shaping the way my Capstone project is comes alive. It is extremely exciting for me to be able to work on both my documentary and book because of the level of meaningfulness they have become for me.

Working on my book has been an insightful event for me. As I worked on the thought process from the beginning I grew into a new idea which was built upon an original thought. The intent of the project is the same and still revolves around telling the individual stories of the uniquely different people who make up Salina. It has just been morphed to become a project much more meaningful to me. Talking to the people who have agreed to be part of my book, I have come to learn more about them. I have learned more about even my best friends who agreed to me photographing and interviewing them.

I have always been interested in the stories people have to tell. We all have several stories waiting to be shared to the world. It is just a manner of finding a way to share them. This is where the original idea came from. After seeing the work of Brandon Stanton and his Humans of New York project I know how I want my Capstone project to come out. I have become obsessed with the presentation of my project to the point where I have started to have dreams about creating new page layouts and designs. These dreams have become inspiration for me and due to the fact I am dreaming about the project is a sign of just how big of an impact this has had on my life, and it is all in a good way.

The best types of projects are ones you can set your mind to and be proud of. This is something which has been happening to me lately with my documentary and book, as well as a new personal project I have just recently come up with. It is in the works and will have to wait until I am done with the semester so I can devote more time and creative energy to, but this only seems to be an aid in my growing excitement for the achievements I am aiming to accomplish. All in all, I am having an amazing time doing something I love and believe in.

Stories are told everyday all over the world and we each have one to tell. Being able to tell our story is an immensely gratifying experience. It adds meaning to us, makes us feel important, boosts self-esteem and makes us feel like someone cares. I want my story to be heard so everyone knows what kind of person I am, how I am an individual who will not compromise when it comes to my life. The way I live my life is how I want to live it. My way of life has been molded by myself and the experiences I have had. Everyone has a life as such. Your decisions shape the way you live and who you are. Yes, the decisions of others has an impact on you, but it is only how you decide to deal with those impacts that makes it all your own. You need to be fearless and live life the way you want to.

This has always been something I have been passionate about, so why have I brought it up now? I really do not know for sure, but it may have something to do with the recent decisions I have made in my life. I am becoming more prominent and determined in my believes lately. It could have been brought on by my current endeavor to create a documentary on Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York and Megha Majumder’s Humans of India. Listening to Brandon Stanton’s interviews over the internet and interviewing Megha Majumder myself, I have been developing a much stronger passion for my belief for individuality, being who you are, living your life to the fullest and the various other causes which hold a piece of my heart.

Reading this may not mean much to many, but I am getting my words out there for people to read and to do with as they will. I am just a young human being trying to make a name for myself and I thought it best to let the world know that I will not be swayed away from what I believe in.