Living Digitally Reference Videos

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Digital Media 2
Humans of New York …

is an amazing blog by Brandon Stanton about the stories of the real life people of New York. It has gone viral and encouraged similar projects all around the world. To be able to see people as who they are and using technology to spread their stories is a heartwarming thought. It shows the real us behind all the technology using technology. This concept is both enlightening and inspiring, which is why I have chose to use Humans of New York and the sibling projects around the world for my living digitally mini documentary.

To further my reach …

with this inspirational objective I have decided to contact Megha Majumder, a young lady who started Humans of India and am excited to say she has agreed to answer some of my questions over the next few weeks to help me get a better understanding of the background of the Humans of idea. My goal is to try to get in contact with Stanton as well, but if I cannot I can reference the answers he gives in some of the reference videos I found.

Now to further enrich …

your understanding I have included some of the reference videos I have located below.

Interview with Huffington Post – Brandon Stanton

Behind the Scenes of Humans of New York

STORYBOARD: Capturing the ‘Humans of New York’

Humans of New York – a song written about Humans of New York

AYM: Using Technology to Change the World – just another way technology is spreading a movement around the world


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