Research Podcasts

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

What is a podcast? When did they start to gain traction? What does it take to create your own podcast?

For this assignment, do a little research into the history of and nuts and bolts of publishing a podcast.

Find three podcasts that you think might be interesting to follow for a while. The simplest way I know how to find podcasts is through iTunes, however you can also find them through Google searching.

Make a reflective blog post introducting the concept of podcasting to your readers. Things to consider: Tell us about the technology. What equipment & software is needed? Any special subscriptions or website memberships required? Give examples of successful podcasts. Why do you think podcasting caught on? Do you think it will continue, or will other technologies replace it? Do you enjoy listening to podcasts already? Can you give examples of careers altered by podcasting?

Point us in the direction of how to make our own podcast. And finally, find three podcasts that are interesting to you, listen to them, and tell us about them.

What’s on the schedule for this blog and why am I doing something involving research into a topic I am completely uninterested in? Well for one, researching podcasts was assigned to the class. Second, though I may not be interested I can still learn something new, which I am always open to for the most part.

As I mentioned this blog post is going to be on the research I’ve done on podcasting. So to start off with, what is a podcast? According to Google when I searched podcast it is:

A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.

So it is pretty much the same thing as an mp3 music file. Someone records themselves talking about things their interested in and put it out into cyberspace for the world for free or for charge. It is different for the varying types there are.


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