The Sounds I Hear

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Digital Media 1

Daily Sounds

When you click on the “Daily Sounds” link above you are taken to a page where I have uploaded 10 sounds I personally hear pretty much on a daily basis. These sounds are what make my day mine for the most part. The sounds I have recorded are of a phone ringing, a person walking on hardwood floors, someone going up and down stairs, cans, ice cubes, running water, a radio station, my alarm clock, a garage door, a truck starting up and the sound of me typing on my laptop.

These sounds help to describe the things I do everyday. They also help to show my day from the beginning to the end. To start off, my alarm clock gets me up at all the early hours I need to be up. Usually I leave out of my garage door, but haven’t been because of the cold. It is easier to keep the garage warm for the dogs waiting to come back in later in the morning if I keep is such. Once I’m out the door, I head to wherever I have to be, whether school, work or some other place. The truck starting up embodies the different vehicles I ride in to get to the different places I go. The radio station is a commonality in all of the vehicles. There always seems to be a radio on unless all the stations are playing commercial after commercial. Then, the radio gets turned off. I cannot stand commercials because they are simply annoying.

I work at a grocery store and hear a phone ringing everyday I am there. Hearing a phone ring at work is a requirement almost. If I did not hear someone’s phone ringing, whether it be a customer on the sales floor, my department’s phone, or the phone of the other departments nearby I would feel an unease in the missing sound. The ringing of a phone is such a common sound at work.

With half my sounds explained and half my day gone I head home after work. This is where the water comes from. I do not like to go around smelling like my job and if I have the time I will always shower. Not all the time is there the time to do such, but I will shower as often as I can to get the smell of my job off me. Since I live in the basement I am constantly going up and down our stairs. When you go up or down you can see where the carpet has been worn down certain paths where we travel the most. Down stairs I can hear pretty much everything which goes on upstairs. People walking on our hard floors upstairs is the most commonly heard sound along with the constant sound of claws drumming along the floors from the dogs.

After my shower, if I had the time to get one, I usually have myself a snack or lunch depending on the amount of time left before I have to leave the house again. Water is something I drink a ton of. It is probably one of the only things I drink and ice is one of the best things to happen to water. Chewing on ice is a subconscious act for me. There are certain kinds of ice which are really good for biting on and some which are not good at all. Sonic, for instance, has really good ice for biting on and chewing. Ice is just an amazing form of the water I love so much. I may drink a lot of water, but others I live with do not. This is where the cans in the plastic bag sound comes from. They drink lots of canned beverages, such as soda, and because of such, they recycle the cans.

The rest of my day is very much similar to the being in sound til you get to where I am getting ready for bed. I do a lot of my work while in bed on my laptop. When you listen to the sound you can tell I type quite a bit based on the speed of the typing. Typing is so much easier and so much more faster than having to write everything down. Plus, the sound of me typing can also work to describe how I am a digital media major and have to be on a computer to do what I am learning to do. Doing it right before I go to bed keeps you tired but the job gets done and it is for the most part the best time to do it in regards to everyone being in bed at this time. With everyone in bed my day can come to a close once my work is complete and I can wait fro my alarm to go off yet another morning.

These 10 sounds are what I hear during my days and I love them. They are what helps to keep things normal and going.



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