My Media Fast

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Digital Media 1

I have just completed a 24 hour media fast for an assignment. For those who need the explanation for what exactly a media fast is I will put a copy of part of the assignment. For those who do not go ahead an skip the next paragraph.

For this assignment, for a 24 hour period, abstain from all forms of media. Put away your cellphone, your laptop, your e-mail, your facebook. Step away from the computer! Turn off the television & radio! If you plug it in or it has batteries and it has anything to do with human communications, you need to avoid it. The only exception is non-mediated and in-person conversations.

Now with everyone caught up with knowing what a media fast is let me tell how mine went. I started mine at 1 p.m. Saturday and finished today at 1 p.m. In this time frame I did not engage in any media communications which I felt was relevant to the assignment and it’s rules. The only times I stepped away from the assignment was to answer a call from my mother and to pay two bills. How can I justify these steps away? In two explanations.

One, I am not going to not answer a call from my mother. When you go to college and your parents are willing to let you live another 4 additional years, if not more, in their home so you can afford to go to school you should answer when they call. I respect my parents and I owe them enough than to not answer a call which most of the times are only a few minutes long anyway. So my minute and a half call is in my opinion justified.

Two, I paid the two bills with plastic. During the class where we discussed the assignment paying with plastic was put in the illegal media fast list. The fast I did pay with plastic during a media fast is the only funny thing about this assignment. Why? Well, because I normally only pay with cast. I had just happened to have not gone to the bank Friday and used the last of my cash to get “lunch” at work Saturday.

Aside from these two things, I did nothing wrong.

A group of friends and I went out to eat and afterwards went bowling. When I got home later Saturday I pretty much slept other than listening to a speech my dad was practicing. The next day was and I suppose still is my day off. Being such I slept in. When I got up I ate my breakfast of lucky charms and cookie crisps cereal. With a full belly I then proceeded to go back to bed til 10 a.m. which is quite normal for my family on our Sunday days off.

A bit before 10 I got up to take an extra long shower. Being my first day off in awhile I had the time and need for a longer shower. Once out of the shower I started on the loads of laundry which had been piling up during the week waiting for “Laundry Day Sunday”.

By the time my first load was in and I had the rest piled into piles awaiting their turn it was a few minutes shy of 11 a.m. So I had pretty much 2 more hours before this media fast was over and I could finally get on with what I had planned to do with my day off which requires a computer.

With my last 2 hours I decided to work on rearranging my room. I had not planned to do so til Tuesday because the computer work I needed to do was more important and due on Tuesday. This is my only irritation with this assignment. I had to rearrange my plans to do the least of important before the more vital. I could not work on the media work I am in charge of for a school club or even start on my taxes, which was all planned for my day off. Instead I had to do something of so little importance right now.

This irritation is all I felt for this assignment. Well this and the distaste for the assignment. It was a ridiculous and poorly timed assignment. I will go on media fasts, if this is what we are calling them now, randomly already. I know what it is like to go 24 hours and more without all these media communications. I respect the media in today’s world and how it is everywhere. I did not need an assignment to do it for me to see it. Others perhaps, but I know all this already.

The poor timing is all on the professor. If an assignment such as this is going to be a requirement it needs to be done in the first 2 weeks of class before other classes begin handing out homework requiring the use of electronics and media communications. Or tell the class an assignment as such is going to be required in a few weeks giving those with jobs time to make arrangements.

For me and others, our jobs require us to be around these media communications which we are being told we cannot engage with. I got lucky in having today off. I was able to start the fast a little after getting off work one day and could continue it halfway through my next when I did not have to work or go to class. I am not the only one who works with media communications of some kind and not the only one who works 40 hours a week while taking 15 to 18 credit hours. Being able to make arrangements would have been nice if I had not known I was going to have today off, granted I got it off for other reasons, much more important reasons too.

I do my media fast at random when I have days off and do not have pending projects needing the time to be completed. I do my media fast when my days off are not required for catching me up with my daily life, as today was suppose to be. But I got it done to prove it can be done minus the minute and a half or less call from my mother and the fact this cash-paying girl ran out of cash (I’m still smiling about this).

Now if only bowling were as easy as this!


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