My Week 3

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Digital Media 1

Week 3 of this semester ended yesterday and the start of Week 4 is here. I feel I am ready for this week more than last week. The organization of my life has started falling back into place and I am ready to take on anything. Beware World! I am feeling good about what I’ve been able to accomplish this last week. Things are flowing better and the stress has been easing up.

This last week I was given more assignments, but given better deadlines. I am given another week to work on some assignments, allowing me to better focus on them, giving them a higher quality. This is the main reason for an ease of stress. Because the assignments have been spread out more I have fewer to summarize this week since most are still in the development stages. They are just something to look forward to in the upcoming week! For now here’s what I’ve completed this week, not much, but still accomplishments:

As for what I’ve been working on with due dates later are the completed Black History Month Posters, an I am from … poster, and yet even more DS160 The Daily Create Assignments.


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