I am from . . .

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Digital Media 1

I am from …

I am from Coca-Cola glasses,

from the toy animals and the mud pies.

I am from the cacti and aloe plants.

From the blooming tree still standing strong.

I am from the sleeping bag races down carpeted stairs

warmed by the sun coming through the open windows.

I am from sit down dinners filled with laughter and games.

From Farmer Jack and a rich long line of ancestral history.


I am from hard workers and loud parties

and from practical jokes.

I am from different flags and trips on ships,


and “That’s mighty fine”.

I am from the Christmas morning readings of Santa’s letters.

I am from Rochester and Russia,

Beirocks and lasagna.


From Grandpa’s lively stories of his trips around the world

like Egypt and Japan,

and his screaming Samaurai clock hidden on his desk.

I am from “Always give it your best”

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