Letter From Afar

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Digital Media 1, DS106
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Oh, Tomato Puree, how have you been? Does the sun shine as brightly and warm on your side of the kitchen? I’m sure it does. You have it made by the sink. Water probably has the most fascinating stories to tell. He is much more fluid and free than the thick High fructose Corn Syrup. I miss you Tomato Puree. Salt misses you just as much, but never more than I. When will you return home Tomato Puree? Is your vacation to the other side of our world in the kitchen over yet? Or near to being over?

I don’t want to hear anymore of Vegetable Oil’s bad jokes about Flavoring. Not to mention the twins, ascorbic acid and citric acid continue to whine about how much they miss you as well. Well, they could never miss you as much as me, your best friend.

Til we meet again,
Wheat Flour


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