Building a House of Eames

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Fund. Visual Literacy

Building a house of cards is a delicate process, which is why the Eames brothers decided to make the process easier by putting slits into the cards. By putting two slits on the top and bottom and a slit in the other two sides a sturdy house of cards is a cinch to create, plus stylish with the different designs available and the ability to create your own with blanks.

Just as the image shows of the house of Eames cards there is a different design on each card. You can go even further by putting a design on both the front and the back. I am going to make a series of ten cards doing just so.

My cards will have and opposites theme to it. The image on the front of the card will be the opposite of the image on the back of the card. To keep it simple and more cohesive I will narrow down my images to those of a Wizard of Oz theme. Being one of my favorite memories as a little girl I really want to use the Wizard of Oz for my Eames card designs.

The opposites from the Wizard of Oz I plan to use are:

Glinda, The Witch of the North VS Wicked Witch of the East

Munchkins VS Monkey Demons

Tin Man VS Water

Scarecrow VS Fire

Lion VS Loud noises

I have not gotten any of my sketches down on paper for what my brain has concocted, but the plan is the update the classical images of the iconic movie through a contemporary, modern, pop art feel. I am going to use bold colors and mix in a use of lines.


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