I Just Get Emotional Sometimes.

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Fund. Visual Literacy

Emotions run how the world revolves for us humans and we all must face the fact that we all experience emotions. No one, besides the dead, are exempt from these emotions. Finding emotion in something is easy. Even 3 black squares can spark an emotional response in someone. Below follows my attempts at expressing 6 different emotions in such a way. So, here it goes:


Here I have represented Joy with the thought of my dog. He is always so joyful and happy to see me. When I get home he starts as this small little thing in the distance running wild in circles and zig zags getting bigger as he comes to attack me.

I assembled my three black squares in a small to big kind of spiral as a way to show the “from far to near” zig zag pounce attack of my dog. Now, I know not everyone has my dog to make them think and feel joy. Knowing this, my squares are also positioned to imitate the “jumping for joy” affect people get when they, you know, feel joy.



To go a completely different route, here’s my square composition for Anger. This one is more obvious in what my intentions were. Clearly I am displaying a close up view of a face expressing anger. When someone gets angry, to me it seems like the facial expression is the same every time. The eyebrows angle in and the squint hard. My squares may not be very square like in this one, but I took artistic liberties and declared rectangles a form of square in order to accomplish this arrangement.










When I think of Frustration, I think of all the pushing and struggling to get something done, only to have disappointment in the end. Or to end up with another obstacle in your path. It plays out in my mind as a climber coming to the top of a mountain only to find there is another one on the other side.  After a bit some perhaps are making the face expressed in the last square composition.










Or for some there is the Excitement of finally surpassing the frustration which so determinedly tried to hinder their advancement. I know I am one of those people who get extremely excited when I overcome and become the boss of something which pressured me to the very edge of my anger cliff. Excitement is like a burst of exclamation so, fitting to this description I opted to arrange my squares in the form of an exclamation mark.









To express another emotion, such as Fear here, I considered the different levels of fear. Some fear is great like the fear of the dark or some fear is minute but still causes fear. A miniscule fear would be the fear of something breaking. In this picture, my three squares are placed so the two smaller ones look as though they were a whole of something or another at one time. Perhaps a broken antenna on a radio or a broken pencil in a cup.

Or this picture could also express the fear of falling. Falling, however, is a much stronger level of fear.









When the danger of Fear is out of the picture, Anger is muzzled securely, and Frustration is tied down, life is good. Life is peaceful. Everything seems to be perfect. Contentment settles in amongst the remaining joy and calming excitement. Relaxation plays a role in settling down the noiser emotions. In my last piece, I turned my three squares on top of each other to create a calming, flower-like affect. Something to grab you and draw your eyes in. Something to hypnotise you into a relaxed piece of mind. Something to put you in Contentment.


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