Bring Your Own Media

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Fund. Visual Literacy

Media is everywhere nowadays. All around me I find a form of media somewhere. Society today has such a vast variety of media, with new media dominating. What is new media? Digital media is the newest media out there. It is connected with technology and its advancements. New media is the use of motion picture, audio recordings, digitally altered photography, and whatever means of technology are out there where humans can interact with it to create media.

The new media of today is similar to that of media of the past in the sole purpose of it is to communicate a message. Starting with the cave drawings of the past there was only one type of medium of communication. When inventors began developing new technologies which humans could use for different forms of communicating this one medium became a growing handful of media. If you’ve gotten confused with the word change, here’s a hint of help, medium is the singular form of media and media is the plural form of medium, both being forms of communicating. Now, digital media runs our media, with quite of bit less of cave drawings being used. Though both are used for communication purposes, media has evolved since the simple drawings on the inside of caves.

As mentioned, inventors sparked the evolution of media as new technologies were invented. There was the invention of the camera which completely changed how images were created. A camera could capture history with a flash. Families no longer had to sit still for long periods of time for painters and events of history could be instantly and accurately be captured. Then an idea took the thought of images and put motion to them with the invention of motion picture. Motion picture was a new way designers of communication could show the world what they wanted to say.

It wasn’t just the images evolving, but audio. Talking and handwritten messages were productive, but took time to get the intended audience and was limited by distance if it was to stay consistently accurate and up to date by the time it reached its target. With the invention of the telegraph and morse code, messages could be sent by electrical signals from one telegraph to another. The system of dashes and dots was upgraded to actual audio when the telephone was invented, leading the way for new inventions such as recorded audio.

Put the newest inventions of audio manipulation with those of visual communication. Technology has given designers today a pool of resources to create to their heart’s content and more as advancements are made. Implications of digital media today for designers has them learning new software all the time, keeping their creative river full and flowing, and letting them be creative in new ways. There is a vastness to where a designer’s work can be published and in the future there are endless possibilities for what can be with how fast updates and changes are being made. Digital media is changing and tomorrow new media could have a different detailed definition, but it will still be the interaction of technology and humans to communicate a message.

  1. When you spoke of audio manipulation combined with visual communication, I thought of this story from a few years back about the discovery of the world’s oldest audio recordings. They were from image etchings made by sound waves that scientists were able to translate back into sound through digital manipulation.

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