I’d Like Creativity, Please.

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Fund. Visual Literacy

Creativity is something we all have from the day we are born. It is those ideas you get to try doing something innovative or just simply artistic. Creativity lies in your brain and heart, but can be beaten back into the crevices of black abyss by doubt and pressure. Having creativity can make you stand out and that can be a scary thing for many. We have this natural nature about us to want to fit in, to be like others. Standing out is something for those wild ones who embarrass themselves in the eyes of some. But I find creativity as an inspiration in itself. Being different is the best thing out there. It is where new ideas come from and how growth can be initiated.

More and more being creative is a must for companies to be able to have a fighting chance in the competitive market. They have to have those creative minds hatching new creations for them, or else they will be stuck doing things the old way where the market will leave them stranded with the other companies who banished the ideas of creativity.

So where do they find creativity?

The same place we all can. Just look inside of ourselves and think. Inspiration is different for everyone and the time it takes to come up with that new or improved method or product. It will come though if given the chance.

Anyone can be creative. Everyone is born with it. It is a natural thought process we are given and encouraged to use as children growing up, but is down played the further we journey into our lives. As we begin to seek out those similar to us we begin to blend in and think the same. I’m not saying this is completely bad. Thinking the same can make things happen faster and can make friendships develop. But having different, ideas stewing in the mind can start a change in a person and those friends you gained because they were just like you are not going to want you to change. This in turn squashes growth.

So how do we get past this challenge?

Go for it! If you have ideas coming to you to do something try it. We all are inspired by a vast variety of things and sometimes it just takes some of us longer to come up with creative inspiration. When you get it though, grasp a hold of it and don’t let go. Ignore current fad behavior and brave the outside. Step away from the crowd and start something new.

It will be difficult and push you to the edge of giving up. Stick with it, because you never know what idea is going to change you or even the world. Ideas do not have to be big to have an impact. They can be small and end up being the seed to greater things to occur.

Being creative is life changing and beautiful. Creativity is not just for the artists who can give the world artistic masterpieces. Creativity belongs to artists, business people, the waitress in that restaurant, the blind, the deaf, men, women, children. It belongs to us all, we just need to break from the norm and the pressures to embrace the independence of individual creativity each one of us has. Until you embrace, you’ll never know what can come from that seed of an idea whether it is about a new way to do something or an artistic imagery.

So you’ve gotten past the norm, now what?

Find some inspiration. Find a location you can relax. Maybe read a book, listen to music, do some cloud gazing, find the constellations in the night sky or maybe even start with the basics, a box of crayons. A box of crayons may seem off the wall, but isn’t that what you’re looking for? Something different? Something original? So why not start with something a good majority of us were given from the start to express ourselves in creativity? Whatever the inspiration there are new cuisines, products, production methods, movie scripts, musical compositions and so much more ready to be thought up.


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